Black-chinned Nest Movie
This movie was taken with a Canon Ultura Digital Video Camcorder - (older medium price range DV camera) by placing the camera atop a 6 foot step ladder on a small REI backpacking tripod (on Sunday morning - August 3rd, 2003). The photo to the right was taken with a Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS digital camera on the 5th. A Macintosh using iMovie was used to create the QuickTime movie below.

The nest was taped for roughly an hour on three different occasions. Mom visited the nest in intervals ranging from 8 minutes to 22 minutes and stayed from 35 seconds to just over a minute at a time. The tree is a Mountain Ash (red/orange berries in background) and the nest is about 7 feet off the ground. The nest is just under 2" tall from the very bottom of the photo to the top of the nest's edge - that makes the female roughly 3.5" tall (top of head to tip of tail feathers). The nest is roughly 250 feet from the Little Spokane River in an area 12 miles north of Spokane, WA - USA.